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Claire Smith turned light blue and started exhibiting her powers in her early 20s, just after the Rikti invasion ended. Initially, it was believed the stress from the invasion had caused latent mutant powers to emerge, but DNA testing showed that her genes were baseline human.

This lead to here being tested by the mages of M.A.G.I., but they could not detect any of the known magical energies emanating from her while she manifested her powers. Needless to say, the lack of any apparent source for her powers has created some consternation among the scientists and mages that have studied her.

Claire maintains that her powers are simply Father Wind and Mother Water, the deities of her neo-pagan religion, answering her prayers. She claims that after the invasion, she prayed to them, asking for the ability to help her damaged world. When her skin changed color, she knew that her prayers were answered. Since then she has worked to rebuild Paragon City and Earth, along side the other heroes of CECIL, fighting crime and stopping evil wherever she can.