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Sidney Adams was ill as a child, with a rare disease that forced him to remain on the side lines, watching the other children playing. It also severely stunted his growth, leaving him quite small as an adult. He spent his time studying, and teaching himself everything he could about everything, although he was fascinated by robotics and microchip tech. In time, after receiving his first doctorate, and patenting some innovative microchip designs at an early age, he went to work for Crey Industries doing advanced research.

While he could not directly participate in sports as a child, he could do so from a distance through his sister, Cecilia, who was much younger then he was. A natural athlete, she had a good chance to make the next Olympics. She was training in Baumtown when the Rikti invasion arrived, and reportedly helped save several people before being struck down by a Rikti blaster. The last time anyone saw her, she was being taken to the Baumtown hospital, shortly before the Rikti destroyed it. Like so many others, her body was never found in the ruins.

With his parents dead from a car accident a few years before, and Cecilia killed by the Rikti, Sidney threw himself into his work, trying to decipher the invader's technology. He had just made a breakthrough integrating Rikti power sources with human technology, using his old patents as a basis, when he discovered that his employers were using his research for illegal purposes. So he appropriated the existing examples of his designs and used them to build a battle suit. It was time to hit the streets and fight the evil that had destroyed his city and killed his sister.

As Justice Blues, Sidney started with saving the average citizen on the street and slowly expanded his range to include fighting Dr. Vahzilok, the Clockwork King, and the other assorted super villains and monsters active in the city. While he is a founding member of the supergroup CECIL, and is certainly willing to help out other heroes in need, Justice Blues mostly goes it alone.